Thursday, May 1, 2008



The next time you crave for some spicy snacks or chocolate in the middle of the night ,do not blame your biology,the impulse to eating the food is in the mind,a new study has found.

Researchers in britain have debunked the common belief that cravings are the resullt of the body's biological needs,that a vitamin or mineral in the food we yearn for is missing from our own diet and needs replacing.

There is no evidence that food craving are linked to nutritional deficiencies.What is more likely is that the foods we crave are those we usually attempt to resist because they induce guilty feelings when we eat them.If we try to resist something,though,the urge for it doesn't go away,it actually becomes amplified,lead researcher Prof.Peter rogers of Bristol university was quoted by the sunday times as saying.

A recent study has also proved that cravings for food are emotionally or psychologically driven.Researchers showed that women who tried to supress thoughts about the favourite fattening food ends up eating 50% more of it than those who talked about thier cravings.


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Gregorio said...

TCM says that your body can actually drive you to eat foods according to your yin and yang.This is to help balance your cold or heat within.Then again you have to be in touch with yourself and know what you need for health.Do you know anything about this? (TCM-traditional Chinese medicine).I also use Accupuncture to try and maintain balance.Take care.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

So true...the mind is so powerful that your thoughts can actually create physical manifestations...

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! :)

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SUKKU said...

I always believe in what you resist, it persists...


south indian recipes said...

lol if it's my BRAIN thats telling me to eat indian food all the time...than i can blame that it for my constant overeating!

simplyRik said...

Oh boy... another reason for self examination. This strengthens the theory that eating in some can evolve into a true addiction.

That would be the general statement, however there are conditions that are truly biological and related to genetics. These are primarily the obesity disorders.

Anu said...

interesting post. tell my brain to stop thinking about food less.

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